About Us

When most people think of the South, they envision lazy summer days, drenched in sweat, sipping iced tea on the porch while the hound dog lies nearby barking at every car that passes by. When they think of New Orleans, they think of Bourbon Street with its loud music, beads for boobs and tacky neon signs. Well we’re here to tell you that while some of these stereotypes might be true, there’s a whole lot more of the South to be revealed.

The South is more than cotillions and Mardi Gras. It’s more than grits, magnolia and mint juleps. Here in the South we have the most fantastic cadre of people out to entice, inebriate, fulfill and fascinate you – and we at Southern Babylon would like to tell you all about them.

Have you ever seen a burlesque show? I’m not talking about one of those dancers down at the Hustler club, nor am I talking about that movie-which-shall-not-be-named. I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness, tease-you-with-a-dance-until-you’re-begging-for-more kind of performance. How about a fire dancer? Yes, someone that dances around with a ball of fire at the end of a string, mesmerizing you with the flames until you’re certain that they’ll hurt themselves. Forget mint juleps – when’s the last time you had a cocktail so unique and delicious that you actually dreamt about it?

These are the things you’ll find here. The things that aren’t in your Frommer’s Guide, things that you won’t find on Yelp or Wikipedia. We’ll lead you off the beaten path, and a little left of center right down to Southern Babylon.