Freaksheaux to Geaux – The Resurrectaversary!

What the hell is a “Resurrectaversary?” I am glad you asked!  Well I typed, but I know you were asking.  Back in 2010, Freaksheaux was put together by Ace Falcor and Sugarcock – friends of Mistress Kali.  After their break up, Kali – who had been mulling the idea of a variety show –  asked if she could use the moniker. Hence Freaksheaux lived on and Kali’s first show,  produced on April 23, 2011, was entitled “The Resurrection”. One year later we get “The Resurrectaversary!” Get it?

I didn’t know what to expect from a show billed as a mesmerizing, many-tentacled show of circus, beauty, talent, and mayhem, but how can that be bad, really?

The Allways Lounge can best be described as a dive theater – more than a dive bar, but you ain’t gonna see Les Mis here either. I love this place and given it’s event schedule, I am sure it will be a staple on Southern Babylon. The joint is dived between a front lounge that has its own stage and rear theater. We got there early enough to have a pre-show beverage in the lounge and get a feel for the evening as the performers ran round getting set up. At one point I noticed a dog in a tutu running around – yeah, I really dig the Allways.

Starting on the lounge stage, our Ringmaster for the evening was the bodacious Reby Rae. She was the perfect mix of carny barker, tour guide, steamy songstress and prison guard. Her version of “No Business Like Show Business” was a raucous wake up call to the already lively audience.

The preshow in the lounge consisted of three acts – the first of which was Madame Mystere and Natasha Fiore as conjoined twins in a love-hate relationship only to be sawed apart, and while they enjoyed their newfound freedom, they realized they were still joined, just not physically. The second act was Alley Oops and the dog I saw wandering around earlier, again I love this place. The pre-show ended with Ginger Licious as a slightly deranged yet some how sexy clown bringing to mind a child’s party gone wrong.  Horribly, horribly wrong yet oh so right.

Afterwards, Reby led us into the theater, and as we sat down we were greeted by the hauntingly beautiful sound of  Morella & the Wheels of If. Morella is fronted by two gorgeous women with equally captivating voices. The music is what I would call an eerie carnival opera. After a few tunes and some free absinthe – which is never a bad thing – Morella gave way to the Freaksheaux band, a great ensemble of local musicians that kept the eerie circus vibe going as Mistress Kali whipped her prancing her ponies – Mystere, Natasha, and Oops – around the center ring. This was followed by Jak Locke frenetically singing “I put a Spell On You”. He was convulsing so hard that I believe he may actually be possessed. He was flippin fantastic.

There were not one, but two magicians in the house for Freaksheaux. I was wondering how this would work, but both were fantastic in their own way. Lou Henry Hoover is a gender bending anti-magician that was absolutely hilarious. She was followed in the second act by the Chaplinesque show of Dante that was simply perfection. One great moment of the evening was watching Dante, watch Lou Henry with utter enjoyment.

Other highlights of the evening were an amazing gymnastic routine by  Ginger Licious and Aaron Lind, and a new – and may I say very welcome – addition to the New Orleans burlesque scene, the fabulous Gogo McGregor.  Gogo gave us a sultry fan dance as a bearded lady and a way more impressive dance on a bed of nails. Ouch. I hope she did not pierce a pastie.

This show seem to go on for days, in a good way. There were so many acts. Too many to describe them all. Natasha did her elephant routine, Oops had her hoops, and Mistress Kali rounded out the evening with her impeccable fire dancing.

Ms. Kali you put on one hell of a show, thank you.

Until next time people, good night.