New Orleans Burlesque Fest – Queen’s Ball

After the climax of the competition, I feel like the Queen’s Ball is the unexpected sex that happens after the obligatory post-coital cuddling. Somewhat more relaxed, but equally satisfying.

NOLA was well represented by the girls of SlowBurn and one of my personal favorites, the always entertaining Roxie Le Rouge.   The Cheesecake Revue girls were back with another great number and their fearless leader, Champagne Sparkles, performed a solo act of her own. Those girls are just too much fun. I may have to plan a trip to the great white north. I think I will wait until summer.

Other notables included the Lady Jack, Jolie Goodnight, Audrey Deluxe and Kitten DeVille.

With a final blessing from the Bishop of Burlesque, “Pastie-um, Tassel-um, G-String-um”, it was all over. What a whirlwind three days. I am exhausted. I can only imagine how Rick feels.

Until next year people, good night.