New Orleans Burlesque Fest – The Bad Girls

New Orleans Burlesque Fest, night two, show two. The marathon continues. We hauled serious tail to get to the House of Blues, but by the time we parked and got in, the house – which is standing room only for the fest – was already asses-to-elbows. The chances of me taking enough notes to give you guys a blow by blow were slim. An executive decision was made, and I order a double scotch – neat, as Tonya clawed her way to the stage for a clear shot at the ladies.

I made the right call: I got to simply enjoy the sights. And what sights they were. An unexpected bonus was that I had the opportunity to hang out with many of the girls from the earlier show. Really fascinating listening to them watch other performers.

The multitalented Cora Vette kept the evening rolling as our Mistress of Ceremonies. There is just enough devil in those eyes to let you know she was the perfect hostess for a show full of Bad Girls. As stated, there is no way I paint an accurate picture of all the acts, but there were definitely some standouts. Sporting a body with proportions found only in comic books, the curvaceous Ms. Redd made love to a bear rug. In the “taking sexy to a whole nuthah level” department, Faith McQueen and Charlotte Treuse danced their way into my dreams, but Dinah Might may be my latest Burlesque crush – WOW! That long-legged blonde beauty is just built to misbehave.

The powerhouse act of the night was without a doubt, Gal Friday and Peekaboo Pointe. I have seen asseling before, but hot damn these two ladies know how to shake a tail feather. They really should have been the last act, I was drained after just watching them.

I have to give props to Rick Delaup, the cast he chose for Bad Girls could not have been more perfect. Just the right amount of filth is always a good thing for a bad girl.