SlowBurn Burlesque: Show Ghouls

SlowBurn is famous for their Halloween shows, and I knew this year’s would not disappoint.  Unfortunately, your favorite scribe and mine was unable to attend to regale you with his clever coverage.  Fortunately, I was able to coerce our partner-in-crime, Kirk to do his best in capturing the details while I captured the images.  As I review his notes, his brief commentaries on some of the acts are completely cracking me up – many thanks, K!

First up, we were treated to something new on the Howlin’ Wolf stage for a SlowBurn production:  pre-show gogo dancers!  Lil’ Dirty Boots, Petite Pacquette, Peaches DuJour, and Alley Cat shaked and shimmied while we mixed, mingled and cocktailed.

Kicking of the main performance were three of the troupe’s staple performers:  Ginger Licious, Lady Lucerne and Ruby Rage dancing around a cauldron full of entrails to “She’s my Witch” by Kip Tyler.  You just gotta love your sexy with a side of spooky!

Gogo McGregor was up next dancing to the Squirrel Nut Zippers’ “My Drag”, and Kirk’s notes say “Bed of Nails – ‘Nuff Said”, and I have to admit he’s right!  Seriously, I never tire of this act, and will always wonder how she does it without hurting herself!  I think it must be that those nails wouldn’t dare pierce that porcelain skin.

“Bad Ass Hard Core Shit” – this is Kirk’s description of Roxie LeRouge’s number to “Demons” by the Sleigh Bells.  Amen, brother.  Roxie’s one of those performers that can really DANCE, and I just love it.  The laser lights accompanying her were an added bonus, as it provided my favorite shot from the night!  I don’t recommend hugging her while she’s wearing that outfit, though….OUCH!

Ginger Licious pulled triple duty this night, performing in her second act of the night – solo this time – dressed all in white on white silks.  I don’t remember the song, but Kirk’s notes tell me it was “Black Acres” by Elysian Fields.  [Note to self:  a band with this name MUST be awesome – download songs immediately.]  I love any performance in silks, but Ginger’s got the routine down to flowing, seamless movements that make it look easy – and I know it’s not!

Only Little Luna could pull off a routine that includes feather fans and one of those creepy transparent masks!  I love that she takes the art of the reveal to a whole new level by teasing the audience and making them wait to see her gorgeous face.  Brilliant!

The audience was then favored with what has become a rare treat indeed:  a performance by New Orleans expatriate, Moxie Sazerac!  Moxie’s gift to burlesque is the way she brings a theatrical element to her acts, and this night was no different.  Dancing to “Why Don’t You Love Me” off of David Byrne’s collaboration album (sung by Tori Amos and Cyndi Lauper – WHAT?), her Bride of Frankenstein number was sexy and electrifying all at once.  We’ve missed you Moxie!  (Um, Kirk?  “Double Spin – T&A”?  Not sure what that means, but there you have it).

Take a coffin, “Monster Mash”, and a mummy and what do you have?  What might be my new favorite number by resident redhead, Ruby Rage.  I seem to recall the music transitioning into a definitive 90s vibe, and you could tell that Ruby was in her element as she peeled the bandages strip by strip.  She was having fun, and the audience loved it!

Okay, so I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there that I don’t always understand Lady Lucerne’s numbers and this one was no exception.  Something to do with hazardous waste, and assorted limbs mixed in with a little “My Discarded Men” by Eartha Kitt.  The beauty in a Lady Lucerne performance, however, is that you don’t have to understand it to enjoy the hell out of it.  She’s sexy, expressive, and delightfully unpredictable!

Ginger Licious made her final appearance for the night in her new acro-yoga act with Aaron Lind.  The Acromantics are living proof that practice does indeed make perfect.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see most – if not all – of their performances, and I must say – they started off great, but have quickly achieved “incredible”.  Seamlessly transitioning from pose to pose, appearing to defy gravity, they somehow manage to perform what must be physically demanding without having a bit of it show in their faces.  Fan-freakin-tastic.

Confession:  I’m a huge wimp.  Zero threshold for pain, so when I saw Gogo McGrego perform her new glass-walking act, I couldn’t help but cringe.  Seriously – that’s real glass!  Accompanied by Harlem Nocturne from “The Misbehavers”, Gogo danced, teased, and then took it to a whole new level when she laid down on the glass shards and allowed Cherry Brown (Kirk:  “Panty Wrangler Extraordinaire”) to STAND on her back and head!  I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so look at the pics!